October 2013 favourites :D


I can’t believe October’s come to an end… it means that Christmas is coming and that the year is drawing to a close.

Strangely, although this has probably been one of my freest months of the year, leaving me the most time to test products, I don’t have many product favourites this month. On to my favourites:

1) My iPad mini. It’s actually meant for work, but if it can be used for play as well, why not? My morning bus rides are so much enhanced by watching YouTube videos on the iPad mini instead of on my tiny iPhone 4s screen.

2) Filling in my brows. Prior to this month, the only thing I used to do with my brows was get them threaded once every couple of months and DIY plucked every couple of days. When I went on holiday to Europe at the beginning of October, I took along my new Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette to test. I’ve not looked back since. Filling in brows is the subtlest way to make yourself look better and more awake. Since I’ve taken to wearing spectacles half the time, I’ve realised that filling in my brows really does make a difference. Before I got the Anastasia Brow Wiz, I was considering other brow kits but I finally decided that I didn’t want to have to faff around with brushes and powders. I like the Brow Wiz – it’s a nifty tool with a very thin mechanical crayon on one end and a spooly-thing on the other. Quite easy to use – just colour and brush, all in one tool. However, I’ve not tried other brow products so I’ll reserve judgment on this one.

3) Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm. I got this sometime around last Christmas, and I’m not going to lie, when I first got it I was kind of disappointed in the smell. I thought it was going to be a very sweet, gourmand scent but it turned out to be quite a sharp and herbal mint. The scent has grown on me, and in any event I’ll keep using this as this works absolute wonders. I have quite dry lips – half the lip balms I try just aren’t moisturising enough. Smith’s is the best one I’ve tried, in terms of moisturising the lips. It does go on a bit sticky though, and because it’s in a pot it’s not quite as hygienic as I’d like it to be. I have a pot of Smith’s in the office, and I feel I can only touch up my lip balm as often as I wash my hands (due to the hygiene factor). I took it with me when I went to Europe and although my entire face was peeling my lips stayed hydrated.


4) Switzerland! More specifically, Grindelwald, Switzerland. We stayed at the Sunstar, and the view from our hotel balcony (see the picture) was just beautiful. I felt like I was in the Sound of Music.

… and that’s all folks. November’s going to be a busy, busy month for me. I wonder what favourites there’ll be in store for me. Check back for more posts!


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