July 2013 favourites

I have only four favourites this July, all of which would be pretty uninteresting to you if you’re looking for some beauty/fashion. But if you’re into keeping fit or if you, like me, have suddenly decided to have a go at keeping fit… read on.


1) Coconut water

I’m not the sort of person who hates the taste of water. In fact, I do enjoy drinking water… as long as it comes from my own tap and is boiled thereafter. While I don’t like soft drinks, I have a weakness for drinks sweetened with condensed milk – namely, milo and milk tea. I also like fruit juices. Unfortunately, these, being laden with sugar, aren’t that healthy for you. I’ve tried to cut down the amount of sugar I put into my tea, but it just isn’t the same.

Recently, however, I discovered coconut water. It is AMAZING. It’s supposed to be great for you as it contains minerals and antioxidants and has fewer calories than your average beverage (that rhymed!!). It isn’t calorie-free, but it’s a good substitute when I feel like drinking more than just plain water. Not to mention it tastes so good and is very refreshing after a workout. The brands I drink are Wong Coco (comes in a large can, is super yummy and has coconut bits inside) Cocomax (comes in a bottle, is not as sweet but still yummy, has no coconut bits and has fewer calories/sugar content).


2) Exercise

I’ve been going to the gym with my boyfriend on weekends because on weekends he’s able to bring me in for free (yay!). I typically attend one one-hour class each on Saturday and Sunday, and before and after class I do about 15-30 minutes of cardio. On about two other days a week, I exercise at home – either on my elliptical or by following some pilates/cardio/random other exercise video on Youtube.

It takes discipline to exercise, especially if I leave the office at 10pm, but do you know (and I never thought I’d say this in respect of exercise), I’ve never felt better.


3) Making my own wraps

I’ve always loved wraps. Whenever I went to a place with a Taco Bell (which is no longer available in Singapore, sadly), I’d always gravitate towards it. I LOVE Mexican food because I love tacos, burritos and all manner of wraps. Even at KFC I’d order the chicken wrap.

Recently, I started making my own and I LOVE IT. There is no cooking involved, just five minutes of preparation time. I buy Mission wraps, wholemeal, and some sort of chicken – I liked the honey grilled one at the shopping mall near my house. I lay the wrap on the oven tray and in a row in the middle I add the chicken, some sort of cheese – I like the cheddar cheese from Coon – and sliced avocados if I have them. While it’s heating up in the oven, I chop some lettuce, onions, tomatoes and cucumbers, whatever’s available. After I take it out of the oven five minutes later, I add the vegetables and some more cheese and roll it all up.

The edges of the wrap are crispy. The inside bursts with flavour. There’s no need to add chilli or ketchup or mayonnaise, though you can if you want to. I’m not sure it’s healthy, but it sure is yummy. The best thing is that you can change up the ingredients to suit your mood and whatever’s available in your fridge.


4) Exercise gear

I might suddenly be into exercise and all, but I haven’t lost all sanity. I’m still very much into makeup, skincare and fashion, and it shows from the fact that part of what motivates me to exercise is cute exercise gear. I’m talking about bright trainers, flattering yoga pants, colourful sports bras and the like. While a gym isn’t the place to be wearing makeup and prancing about in nice clothes, you don’t need to look drab. If you feel confident in what you’re wearing, you’ll naturally want to stay there longer. Conversely, if you can’t wait to get out of your baggy grey tee shirt and shorts, you’ll probably spend less time exercising. Plus clothing made for exercise are meant to help you exercise – for women, they’re usually quite form-fitting and are often made of lightweight material so that sweat can evaporate. Who wants layers of clothing flapping about while you’re trying to do those last ten push-ups?


We’ve come to the end of my July favourites. As you can see, this month’s favourites are quite keeping-fit themed. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up. Watch this space!


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