L’Oreal Miss Candy Lipglosses

Just a shout out to fans of the L’Oreal Miss Candy lipglosses which were brought out sometime last year… I recently discovered that while they’ve been given different names in the UK and in Southeast Asia, some of the colours may actually be the same.

Last year, FleurDeForce featured the L’Oreal Miss Candy lipgloss in Pink Treat (amongst others) in one of her favourites videos and in a few videos after that. I thought her lips looked absolutely fantastic so I went to look for them in my local drugstores, only to find that we didn’t have the colour Pink Treat. In fact, the names were totally different from the ones mentioned by FleurDeForce – names like Miss Orange, Miss Apricot and Miss Marshmallow. This didn’t come as a total surprise because brands sometimes do that – carry different colours of the same thing in different countries. Still, I wanted to try the Miss Candy lipglosses, so I purchased Miss Apricot.. and LOVED it. Very glossy, non-sticky, moisturising, just the right amount of colour.

I went back and got Miss Orange and Miss Marshmallow, of which the former remains unopened and the latter I didn’t like as much as I liked Miss Apricot.

I went to London a couple of weeks ago and when I was in a Superdrug there I chanced upon the L’Oreal Miss Candy lipglosses. It was totally unexpected because I was under the impression that they were limited edition; they could no longer be found in my local drugstores months ago. Anyway, I took the chance to grab Pink Treat. I thought it looked familiar but didn’t think too much about it.

It was only when I brought it back to Singapore and compared it with my other Miss Candy glosses that I realised that Pink Treat = Miss Marshmallow.

On the left is Pink Treat and on the right is Miss Marshmallow.

It looks slightly different but I think it’s because I’ve been using Miss Marshmallow so the swirls have kind of mixed together. Both have the same shimmery peach / shimmery baby pink with micro glitter swirls. Very pretty, but I think a bit too pale and cool-toned for my skintone.

Now that I know that the lipglosses are probably the same as the ones which were in my local drugstore, I wish I had picked up a few more when in London. Good excuse to go back!


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