Ode to Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin


The last time I had a tub of this was approximately three years ago. I remember this because I remember taking it along for my graduation trip to Japan. This was the only cleanser I used for the three weeks I was there, roughing it out in student hostels with shared bathrooms.

If you’ve never heard someone rave about this cleanser, chances are you’re living under a (beauty) rock. Chances also are that you’d never pick it up on your own. It looks kind of gross – like smashed peas or something your cat ate and threw up. Mushy green with unidentified bits of brown is not a good look. The smell is also something of an acquired taste. It smells kind of herbally, which means that right off the bat half of people wouldn’t like it. It is also a pain to use – it takes about twice as long to use as other cleansers because you have to first work it into a paste before putting it on your face, and thereafter washing it off also takes some time.

Right about now you’re probably wondering whether I’ve titled this post wrongly… but read on because despite everything I said above, I LOVE Lush’s Angels on Bare Skin.

It just makes for beautiful skin. After washing it off, your skin just feels incredibly… balanced. Clean yet moisturised, not at all stripped. And very soft because the little bits of stuff inside gently exfoliate the skin. And as the website promises, it’ll make your skin glow. I used it for three weeks in Japan’s dry climate and I had no problems with my skin. To be fair, I don’t have terrible skin – I have normal/dry skin which is prone to bouts of sensitivity. I have a little hyperpigmentation but no real issue with acne, just random pimples that appear every now and then.

However, when I went to London recently, my skin acted up – I had dry patches, and my face was extremely blotchy and red. Very unattractive, and the travel skincare which I’d brought did NOT work. Since I was in London, I took the opportunity to stock up on Lush (the mark-ups in Singapore are crazy), and AOBS was one of my purchases. Now, there are two significant things to note about this: 1) At the time, my suitcase was full to bursting and I had to really curate what I was buying; and 2) If you know me, you’d realise that by sheer virtue of the fact that I’ve repurchased it – me with my various unopened cleansers (amongst other things) and growing wishlist of more to try – means that I really think it’s something.

When I returned from London, I used it every night, and my skin cleared up pretty quickly. Now, some might say that this could be attributed to being back in familiar weather (and humidity), but I think in any case AOBS helped my skin along.

So, it is somewhere at the top of my list of skincare saviours. What are your skincare saviours?

Ingredients (according to Lush’s UK website): Ground Almonds, Glycerine, Kaolin, Water, Lavender Oil, Rose Absolute, Chamomile Blue Oil, Tagetes Oil, Benzoin Resinoid, Lavender Flowers, *Limonene, *Linalool


L’Oreal Miss Candy Lipglosses

Just a shout out to fans of the L’Oreal Miss Candy lipglosses which were brought out sometime last year… I recently discovered that while they’ve been given different names in the UK and in Southeast Asia, some of the colours may actually be the same.

Last year, FleurDeForce featured the L’Oreal Miss Candy lipgloss in Pink Treat (amongst others) in one of her favourites videos and in a few videos after that. I thought her lips looked absolutely fantastic so I went to look for them in my local drugstores, only to find that we didn’t have the colour Pink Treat. In fact, the names were totally different from the ones mentioned by FleurDeForce – names like Miss Orange, Miss Apricot and Miss Marshmallow. This didn’t come as a total surprise because brands sometimes do that – carry different colours of the same thing in different countries. Still, I wanted to try the Miss Candy lipglosses, so I purchased Miss Apricot.. and LOVED it. Very glossy, non-sticky, moisturising, just the right amount of colour.

I went back and got Miss Orange and Miss Marshmallow, of which the former remains unopened and the latter I didn’t like as much as I liked Miss Apricot.

I went to London a couple of weeks ago and when I was in a Superdrug there I chanced upon the L’Oreal Miss Candy lipglosses. It was totally unexpected because I was under the impression that they were limited edition; they could no longer be found in my local drugstores months ago. Anyway, I took the chance to grab Pink Treat. I thought it looked familiar but didn’t think too much about it.

It was only when I brought it back to Singapore and compared it with my other Miss Candy glosses that I realised that Pink Treat = Miss Marshmallow.

On the left is Pink Treat and on the right is Miss Marshmallow.

It looks slightly different but I think it’s because I’ve been using Miss Marshmallow so the swirls have kind of mixed together. Both have the same shimmery peach / shimmery baby pink with micro glitter swirls. Very pretty, but I think a bit too pale and cool-toned for my skintone.

Now that I know that the lipglosses are probably the same as the ones which were in my local drugstore, I wish I had picked up a few more when in London. Good excuse to go back!

Travel skincare

So, I recently returned from a one and a half long trip to London and Paris. The weather was perfect – somewhere between 14 and 20 degrees (celcius) most days, and mostly sunny. A top, a cardigan, a light spring jacket and a scarf were all that were needed to keep me feeling toasty. While my body was feeling good temperature-wise, my skin wasn’t so fortunate. My skin felt dry from the 13 hour plane ride there. And then throughout the second half of the trip, there were dry patches on my cheeks and around my mouth, and my skin was also red and blotchy. Terribly unattractive look for holiday photos, but what can you do?

And so, I will go through my travel skincare in the hopes that people can learn what NOT to do when going on a holiday to a dry climate. (Note: Where I live the climate is hot and humid.)

Mistake #1: Not bringing tried and tested skincare.I take travelling as an opportunity to try out my skincare samples. So instead of sticking to my tried and tested skincare routine (not that I find all the products I’m currently using to be excellent or even good enough to repurchase, but at least they don’t cause my skin to go haywire), I take my little satchets and travel-sized bottles to test them and use them up at the same time. Acceptable? I’d think so. But in this instance, my mistake lay in failing to bring a backup of skincare products which I know I can rely on, such as the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. Every once in awhile, my skin will freak out, and the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack is about the only thing I can put on my skin which will not sting it. Silly me, for awhile my skin had been good, not too sensitive, and I took a chance. For moisturiser, I brought a small tub of the Perricone MD Firming Peptide Moisturiser* to test and the Face Shop Ice Flower Aqua Water Drop Pack which I was trying to use up. Perricone MD is a reputable, expensive skincare brand, and I thought that it must work for me as well. But after a couple of uses it became clear that it wasn’t enough – my skin felt dry and sandpapery just minutes after moisturising – and about halfway through the trip, my face began to sting whenever I slapped on moisturiser. I think using new products per se isn’t bad – after all, it is sometimes a necessity to swtich up skincare depending on the climate you are travelling to. But learn from me, and bring a backup of old favourites.

Mistake #2: Trying too hard to save space. I tried to save space and so brought less than I would normally use. I brought a tiny, tiny half-used bottle of Bioderma Micelle Solution to remove my eye makeup and ended up finishing it by the third night. I had to rely on my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, which is meant to be able to remove all makeup but doesn’t work all that well for eyes. The result? Panda eyes and having to scrub off the remaining smudges from my undereye area, which cannot be good for my skin. I only brought two sheet masks, which is stupid considering that sheet masks take up so little space. STUPIDDDD. My trying too hard to save space also meant that I did not bring toner, and also contributed to Mistake #1 (see above).

Mistake #3: Insisting on using up what I brought even when they weren’t working for me. It wasn’t like I was on a beach or in a forest in the middle of nowhere. I was in London and Paris, where pharmacies abound. I had every opportunity to buy skincare products when it became clear that what I brought was not working for me. But I did not. Why? I’ll never know. I think it was my stupid insistence on wanting to use up what I brought and not buying things frivolously. But on hindsight it would not have been frivolous to buy something which did not sting my skin each time it made contact with it.

I’ve now been back home for 2-3 days and my skin is back to normal once more. I’m not sure whether it’s attributable to the weather or the skincare or a mixture of both. In any event, lesson learnt? More options is more – even if you have to bring one less dress, do not scrimp on skincare space.

*To be clear, I am not dissing the Perricone MD Moisturiser or saying that it is a bad product. It was just new to me and not what my skin needed at that point in time. For all I know, it could be perfect in tropical weather.