The Art of Showering: Part III

Hi all! In Part III, I’ll be talking about my top 10 favourite shower products 🙂 Being a real scent junkie, one of my favourite things to buy is shower gels and soap. I’ve tried a ton, and here are my top 10:

1) Lush Sultana of Soap – this is one of the first soaps that I tried since my obsession with nicely scented things started – it smells amazing and feels creamy on the skin, and is one of the few bar soaps that doesn’t leave the skin feeling too squeaky clean.
2) The Body Shop Spiced Vanilla shower gel – This was limited edition – it came out in Christmas 2010 and 2011, and then sadly in 2012 it was nowhere to be seen. The opening whiff smells like coca cola, with a bit more vanilla. Comfort scent.
3) Radox Soul Soother shower gel – I wrote about this a couple of posts ago. In short, it is a wonderfully fruity, creamy blackcurrant scent.
4) Korres Fig shower gel – smells like the shower gel version of my favourite perfume, Diptyque’s Philosykos, but a bit more woody. In short, it smells like what I’d imagine a spring/summer holiday in Greece would smell like.
5) Avalon Organics Peppermint shower gel – the absolute best remedy for headaches / a blocked nose. Just the smell of it causes my eyes to water slightly, but it feels wonderfully tingly and refreshing on the skin. Also great post-workouts.
6) Lush Honey I Washed the Kids soap It smells like milk and honey and is another one of the few non-drying soaps out there.
7) Lush I Should Coco soap – This is a retro soap, I believe. It is absolutely worth ordering online. Smells like a raw, slightly bitter coconut, and is both exfoliating and creamy. If you can’t already tell, I love creamy smells. It’s what a beach holiday in Bali might smell like.
8) Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oils – I don’t use these directly on my body, but put a couple of drops on my shower floor before I step into the shower. All of them smell great, slightly herbal, and are just wonderful for relieving stress after a long day at work.
9) Philosophy Have a Cherry Christmas 3-in-1 shampoo, showergel and bubblebath – I use this only as a shower gel, and this is going to sound terrible, but it actually makes my skin sting a little. However, it’s made the list because the scent is just gorgeous – it’s supposed to smell like white cherries, whatever that is. The liquid itself is also gorgeous – a pale, shimmery pink. The stinging aside, it really feels very pampering when I use this shower gel.
10) L’Occitane Almond shower oil – feels moisturising and smells great. Probably the last on this list though.

Despite having so many shower products, I’m still itching to try a few more. What can I say? Variety is the spice of life…
1) Annick Goutal Songes shower gel – I love the perfume, and want to try the shower gel but it’s 18 pounds, which is a bit steep.
2) Victoria Secret Pure Seduction shower gel – purely on the recommendation of AllThatGlitters21.
3) Sephora Mango creamy body wash

Check back for more posts!


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