The Art of Showering (Part II)

This is the second in my series on The Art of Showering. This installment is about enhancing the shower experience.

1) Good shower products

First and most obviously, the kind of product which you use when showering would make the most significant difference to your shower experience. Whether you’re a soap kinda girl or a shower gel kinda girl (or a shower jelly/shower cream etc etc kinda girl), the product you pick should ideally smell good and feel luxurious. It really is about whatever works for you, whether you like a creamy floral or a zesty citrus.

I find that scents really have a big effect in terms of affecting one’s mood. Don’t think about the report you’ll have to finish writing once you get out of the shower. Don’t think about the shitty day you had. Just breathe deeply and enjoy the scent of the soap and the steam.

The third installment of this series will set out my list of my favourite shower products.

2) Layer products

Showers aren’t just about cleansing – you can also exfoliate, condition, moisturise, etc.

Layering products really adds to the shower experience because they complement each other and work better when they’re used together. When you exfoliate, you get rid of dead skin so that when you start to cleanse, the cleanser can really get in there and do a proper cleanse and when you moisturise, the moisturiser can penetrate the skin instead of just sitting on top of it.

There are now a whole host of products which allow you to do just this, and in various forms. Lush alone has body scrubs, sugar scrubs, body butters (which are exfoliators cum moisturisers)…

3) Massage

While you’re in the shower, it’s nice to take time to give yourself a little pampering massage. Since you’re already all soaped up, you don’t need massage oils, and all clothing obstacles would already have been dealt with since you’ll already be in the buff. Massaging not only puts you in a relaxed mood, it aids blood circulation. A cheating way of doing this is dry brushing before your shower.

4) Play music

This might sound a little cheesy, but music really does set the mood. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that playing relaxing music would help you to be in a relaxed mood. For luxurious shower times, I only play my favourites – leave the radio for some other time.

5) Take your time

I know it seems like doing all of the above would already take considerable time, but it is really important not to rush through the shower if you want it to help you relax.

To save some time, on days when I layer, I massage shampoo into my scalp, rub a scrub all over my body and then rinse. And then I work conditioner into the ends of my hair, cover my body with shower gel and then rinse. That’s two rinses in all, and I finish my shower in fifteen minutes.

6) Post shower experience

The post-shower experience is important too – just think, if you came out of the shower wrapped in a thin, ratty towel into a blast of cold air, how that would ruin whatever enjoyable experience you just had in the shower. Small things like these make all the difference. So I’d say, invest in a thick, fluffy towel and a thick, absorbent mat. Turn on the heater in your room so that when you come out of the shower, you still feel warm and toasty.

And that wraps up Part II of my series on The Art of Showering. I should say that this post isn’t about how everyone should shower everyday. It is about using the shower experience to relax, especially when you don’t have a bathtub handy. Therefore, this is not something to follow if you oversleep every morning and have to shower before rushing off to work.

Hope this was interesting, and I’ll be back with the third and last installment – my favourite shower products – hopefully soon!


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