April 2013 favourites :)

April has been a strange and stressful month. Weather-wise (because I always talk about the weather), it’s been alternately extremely hot and stifling, and then rainy. But I guess that’s normal where I live. Work-wise, it’s been a very trying month. Work has made me feel sad, unmotivated, stressed, indignant, tired… and yet I feel I have no alternative, and there are also days where I think it isn’t so bad and that I’ll just hold out for a bit more.

But enough about that. It’s the last day of April (though technically it’s already May as it’s past midnight here), and I’m going to focus on my favourites for the month of April 🙂

1) NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.

I very nearly didn’t get to try this. My friend was placing an order with Sephora USA as her friend was in the US, so I took the chance to order some products. I ordered, amongst other things, Bare Minerals Well Rested, due to my huge problem with dark undereye circles. I’d wanted to try the new Bobbi Brown liquid concealer but it was all sold out in my colour. When my friend saw it, she said she was going to order this NARS concealer which she’d tested at the NARS counter and which seemed pretty good. I thought, why not?

My order came, and the rest is history. Except for today, I literally have not used any other concealer since I opened the NARS one right at the beginning of April. All of my concealers and undereye highlighters which were already in use when I opened the NARS one – Mac Select Moisturecover, Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer, YSL Touche Eclat, L’Oreal True Match corrector, L’Oreal la touche magique – remain untouched. The Bare Minerals Well Rested remains in its packaging. NARS reigns supreme.

The concealer is incredibly pigmented and yet very lightweight and spreadable, making it perfect for under the eyes. I use the shade Custard, though I think I might get Honey as well because it’s more pink-toned which is good for under the eyes.

2) Radox Soul Soother shower gel

This was the first shower gel I bought when I started getting ‘into’ things like shower gel and nice smells. I credit it with being the shower gel that launched a thousand shower gels (for me). That was about four years ago, and I’ve only just finished using it up, which is why it’s going into my Favourites for the month. (It wasn’t a giant tube or anything, I’m just a hoarder.)

It’s a wonderful blend of blackcurrent, cranberries, chamomile and milk. It’s fruity, creamy, sweet and just absolutely lovely at any time.

3) Iced fruit tea

As mentioned, it’s been stifling and hot in Singapore as of late, which makes doing anything not in airconditioned comfort an absolute pain. One thing I’ve really enjoyed this past month however has been iced fruit tea.

I make this myself the simplest way there is – pour half a cup of hot water over a teabag of some fruity tea. Add a good amount of sugar, stir until it’s all dissolved and really sweet, and then add lots of ice. It’s fantastic, especially after exercising.

4) The Neighbourhood (the band)

Arose186 recommended the song Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood in one of her videos. I watched the MV on Youtube, didn’t think much of it but I liked the vibe. I downloaded the song and then proceeded to come OBSESSED with it. Since I liked it so much, I went in search of other songs but was quite disappointed to find that they number less than ten songs as The Neighbourhood is apparently a very young band (young as in new, not as in… OneDirection). Nonetheless, I really liked the other songs by The Neighbourhood, in particular Wires and Baby Come Home. All in all, I’m really pleased! You just need a band with the right vibe I think. The last band I fell in love with like this was probably Deerhunter.

5) Planning for my trip!

I’m going to London and Paris around the end of the month and I’m mega excited. Some things still remain to be booked like day trips and such, but booking is half the fun because you’re anticipating the enjoyment already. Apart from that, all the travel makeup bag / what’s in my luggage / what’s in my carry-on videos excite me!


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