The Art of Showering (Part I: The History)

I used to hate bathtime when I was a kid. There wasn’t anything in particular about baths or showers I didn’t like, I just considered it a chore and a waste of time which could be better spent playing. Although kids who hate showers may enjoy baths as it would entail playing in a tub, I wasn’t one of them. There was a bathtub in my parents’ room, but I didn’t think anything of it.

It wasn’t until my university days that I started getting into bathtime. I can’t quite remember what precipitated it – all I know is one day I was a regular, ignorant person using whatever soap my mother bought and the next day I had started devouring Lush’s website like a lunatic and fretting about why it wasn’t available locally. I tried to cure my appetite by buying shower gel from Watsons (a local drugstore), but one of the shower gels I tried was so good that it only whetted my appetite and made me want to try more. (I love it to this day, and in fact I just finished using it up – yes, approximately four years after I bought it. My problem with hoarding deserves another post in itself.) The thing about shower gel and soaps and smell-things is that you can’t really get a sense of the thing when it is not physically in front of you, which only serves to force you to get it one way or another, just so you can see (or in this case, smell) for yourself what it is in fact like and whether the reviews describing it as a whiff of heaven or the like ring true. The rest is, as they say, history.

One unfortunate thing and a regret of mine is that by the time I got into soaps and stuff, my parents’ bathroom had been remodelled and a plain ol’ shower stall stood in place of what I now consider the glorious, glorious bathtub (which I never used). I had no more bathtub, which meant that all the delicious sounding baths oils and Lush bath bombs were of no use to me.

It was depressing, seeing pictures of all these wonderful steaming hot baths drizzled with bath oil and scattered with rose petals or what have you. To be fair, in the hot and humid climate I live in, baths aren’t really common. So I had to make do with a shower. And make do I did.

I look forward to my end-of-day shower and consider it my time for relaxing and unwinding after a hard day’s work. I take my time selecting, out of an array of shower products, the one that I will be using that day… For more on enhancing the shower experience, check back in a week or two – I will be posting Part II of The Art of Showering.


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