Travel skincare

When I travel, my skin suffers.

It shouldn’t, I know. My travelling has so far been for leisure, and not for work, so logically, travelling would be a time for me to take better care of my skin. And this is the ideal, and this is how I plan it to be – when I travel, I take along new skincare products, masks, etc. which I wouldn’t normally take the effort to do when I’m at home. And you actually do need to take better care of your skin when you travel – not only do you have to grapple with the after-effects of being stuck in a dry airplane cabin for hours, having round-the-clock air-conditioning (in the hotel) doesn’t help either. (I know, I know – first world problems.)

The thing is, I’m kind of lazy when travelling as well. I just got back from a four-day trip to Bangkok, Thailand, and for this trip I’d brought two sheet masks, a REN glycolic acid mask and various other skincare products in sample sizes.

It ended up that I did not use a single mask and each of my sample satchets lasted the entire trip (that’s 6 applications and they’re still going strong).

Things I’ve learnt? 1) If you want to travel really light, take those sample satchets for your skincare, bath & body, liquid makeup, etc. They last a lot longer than you’d think. 2) Forget all the extras. You’re just not going to use them. Anyway, if you’re on holiday, you should really be spending your time outside your hotel and not inside soaking in serums. 3) On the airplane, take tiny bottles rather than satchets – it’s just a lot easier to handle.


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