Say hello to my new toy.


So, the boyfriend is currently on a crazy health and fitness kick, and I’ve been unwittingly dragged into the fray: at brunch, he asked that his toast be substituted with a salad; at dinner at a burger joint, he ordered a burger without the buns and told them to skip the fries as well.

He’s not pressured or asked me to do the same, but I find myself feeling guilty for each extra fry I reach for (although I know I really shouldn’t… or should I?). Whatever the case, this has motivated to eat more heathily / exercise more as well – can’t be a bad thing, right?

Naturally, I started by shopping – a black Adidas sports bra, a bright blue Adidas workout top, a grey/hot pink gym bag… Purely cosmetic things, you know, but so cute. Of course, these had nothing to do with actual exercise – I have enough sports bras and tees to exercise in, and I don’t need a sports bag because: (a) I have a ton of bags and, really, any bag will do; and (b) more importantly, I exercise from home so there is no need for a bag.

So I had to redeem myself. To spend on something which will actually facilitate a healthier lifestyle. This cross-trainer was the cheapest in the store, but still cost a heck of a lot. But it feels really sturdy and solid, which is very important when it comes to an exercise machine that I’m going to be pounding away on (hopefully).

Fingers crossed that I actually use it!


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