So today, I rubbed some of Philosophy’s Lemon Cookies 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath between the palms of my hands and proceeded to smear it all over my face, thinking it was Philosophy’s Purity cleanser. It wasn’t until I started thinking, “Hmm, since when does Purity smell so good…?” that I realised what a dunce I’d been.

This is what happens when you have (i) less than four hours of sleep and (ii) very poor eyesight.

In other news, I’ve finally booked my trip to London!!!!! (I say finally, but really the idea was mooted less than a week ago and since then I’ve been military-like about getting the necessary approvals and checking flights.)


Say hello to my new toy.


So, the boyfriend is currently on a crazy health and fitness kick, and I’ve been unwittingly dragged into the fray: at brunch, he asked that his toast be substituted with a salad; at dinner at a burger joint, he ordered a burger without the buns and told them to skip the fries as well.

He’s not pressured or asked me to do the same, but I find myself feeling guilty for each extra fry I reach for (although I know I really shouldn’t… or should I?). Whatever the case, this has motivated to eat more heathily / exercise more as well – can’t be a bad thing, right?

Naturally, I started by shopping – a black Adidas sports bra, a bright blue Adidas workout top, a grey/hot pink gym bag… Purely cosmetic things, you know, but so cute. Of course, these had nothing to do with actual exercise – I have enough sports bras and tees to exercise in, and I don’t need a sports bag because: (a) I have a ton of bags and, really, any bag will do; and (b) more importantly, I exercise from home so there is no need for a bag.

So I had to redeem myself. To spend on something which will actually facilitate a healthier lifestyle. This cross-trainer was the cheapest in the store, but still cost a heck of a lot. But it feels really sturdy and solid, which is very important when it comes to an exercise machine that I’m going to be pounding away on (hopefully).

Fingers crossed that I actually use it!