Rediscovered: Lush’s I Should Coco Soap

When Lush was not available in Singapore, I used to join Lush sprees and have my coveted Lush goodies shipped over (at exorbitant markups). Of course, soap and nice smelling things being what they are, and not having the opportunity to smell anything until I received it, there was a fairly equal number of hits and misses.

One of the ‘hits’ for me was Lush’s I Should Coco Soap. Unfortunately, this soap was discontinued and so I stopped using my block of soap in a bid to ration it (I cut a slice off my Lush soaps each time I want to use them).

I rediscovered this today, and I think this might just be one of my favourite things from Lush. It’s visually appealing – a cream coloured block with pale pink flecks (the coconut) – and smells gorgeous, like freshly grated coconut. Not too sweet, with a hint of raw bitterness. Some of Lush’s soaps can be a tad drying, but this one feels creamy on the skin, and the grated coconut bits gently exfoliate as you use the soap. I kind of regret not stocking up, but I think Lush’s soaps can’t be kept for too long as they don’t add preservatives (I think). Anyone knows of a good substitute?


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