More bath things!!

It seems every time I go out nowadays I have to buy bath / shower products. Work’s been stressful and when that happens my self-restraint dips dangerously. Today I added two more bath/shower products to my already sizable collection: Lush’s Twilight Shower Gel and Crabtree & Evelyn’s Golden Fig Bubble Bath & Body Wash.

I think both are limited edition, and I’m a sucker for that sort of thing. (Ever since I found out that Body Shop’s Spiced Vanilla had been replaced by Vanilla Bliss, I’ve been very paranoid and bitter about limited edition products. Now, if I like something which only comes out at Christmastime, I WILL STOCK UP.)

Of the bath products mentioned in my previous post, so far I’ve only tried the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil and the Korres Fig Shower Gel as I’m waiting till it’s a bit closer to Christmas to start on the holiday scents. The shower oil is lovely. It’s a bit tacky when you first rub it into skin, but after that it just feels wonderful and it leaves your skin soft and lightly scented, and not at all greasy or oily. The fig shower gel is nice… That’s the most apt description I can think of. The smell is nice – can’t compare to Diptyque’s Philosykos (one of my favourite perfumes), but I do really like the smell of figs. But the shower gel itself is nothing to shout about. Although it’s gotten me thinking… My Korres Almond Shower Gel stings a tiny tiny bit sometimes when I put it on, but I don’t have that problem with the Fig one. So it must be the components that give it the almond smell?


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