there seems to be a recurring theme…

So since I last checked in, I got more stuff. At least, I received more stuff – some of it had been ordered quite awhile ago.

This time, I got:

1) Roger & Gallet perfumed soap in Fleur d’Osmanthus

2) Roger & Gallet perfumed soap in Bois d’Orange

3) Korres shower gel in Jasmine

4) Bath & Body Works shower gel in Twilight Woods

5) Bath & Body Works shower gel in Pink Chiffon

6) Bath & Body Works shower gel in Coconut Lime Breeze

In my defence, the last two are travel sized – I ordered them unsniffed. Well, okay, I ordered all unsniffed except for Twilight Woods, which I ordered a full size of because my travel sized bottle is running out and I just LOVE the scent. Strangely, I didn’t like it when I first tried it – I found the scent too strong, too sparkly. So it languished virtually untouched for months and months until one cold (okay, cold-er – it never really gets cold in sunny Singapore) day I decided to try it again and fell in love with it.

My thoughts on my first sniff are that the Fleur d’Osmanthus is just pleasantly nice, the Bois d’Orange is strangely appealing, the Jasmine is gorgeous, and Coconut Lime Breeze is gloriously zesty and the Pink Chiffon is sickeningly sweet. I will be giving the Pink Chiffon to someone who can bear it, probably my sister.

Most of these shower gels and the ones from my previous posts are just sitting in a paperbag waiting to be opened. I don’t dare open too many at a go as my bathroom counter is already overflowing with various bottles and tubes.

In the meantime, I’ve tried the Lush Twilight shower gel and it’s very lovely! I can’t describe it. It’s supposed to be lavender and there is that, but that’s only a tiny bit of it. I get a lot of honey. Also, it feels nice and silky, which is a pleasant surprise given that I find Lush often gets the consistency of shower gels wrong – my Yummy Yummy Yummy and Sonic Death Monkey have the consistency of water, while my It’s Raining Men is so thick I find it hard to get it out of the bottle. Twilight is definitely a winner. Pity it’s so expensive here (SGD17 for the 100ml bottle – insane!). Still, I think it’s worth a try.


More bath things!!

It seems every time I go out nowadays I have to buy bath / shower products. Work’s been stressful and when that happens my self-restraint dips dangerously. Today I added two more bath/shower products to my already sizable collection: Lush’s Twilight Shower Gel and Crabtree & Evelyn’s Golden Fig Bubble Bath & Body Wash.

I think both are limited edition, and I’m a sucker for that sort of thing. (Ever since I found out that Body Shop’s Spiced Vanilla had been replaced by Vanilla Bliss, I’ve been very paranoid and bitter about limited edition products. Now, if I like something which only comes out at Christmastime, I WILL STOCK UP.)

Of the bath products mentioned in my previous post, so far I’ve only tried the L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil and the Korres Fig Shower Gel as I’m waiting till it’s a bit closer to Christmas to start on the holiday scents. The shower oil is lovely. It’s a bit tacky when you first rub it into skin, but after that it just feels wonderful and it leaves your skin soft and lightly scented, and not at all greasy or oily. The fig shower gel is nice… That’s the most apt description I can think of. The smell is nice – can’t compare to Diptyque’s Philosykos (one of my favourite perfumes), but I do really like the smell of figs. But the shower gel itself is nothing to shout about. Although it’s gotten me thinking… My Korres Almond Shower Gel stings a tiny tiny bit sometimes when I put it on, but I don’t have that problem with the Fig one. So it must be the components that give it the almond smell?

scented things

Ever since reading this post on Now Smell This, I’ve kind of been obsessed with scented soaps and shower gels. Not that I wasn’t before. But I’d bought a whole lot of things from Lush and The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works, and my bathroom was turning into a little soap exhibition, and I’d stopped buying new scented things for nearly a year. But after reading this post, I got into a frenzied state and basically started googling all the soaps referred to in the post which sounded remotely interesting – the reviews, where I could buy them, etc.

In the past two weeks, I’ve acquired:

1) Roger & Gallett Green Tea Perfumed Soap

2) Korres Fig Shower Gel

3) Philosophy Snow Angel Shower Gel

4) Philosophy Old Fashioned Egg Nog Shower Gel

5) Philosophy Have A Cherry Little Christmas

6) L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil

7) La Compagnie de Provence Savon Extra Pur soap in Mediterranean

8) La Compagnie de Provence Savon Extra Pur soap in Fleur D’Oranger

9) Sephora Effervescent Cube in Musk Almond

10) Sephora Effervescent Cube in Monoi Tiare

I will try to get some reviews up! So far I’ve tried the Savon Extra Pur soap in Mediterranean and it was a bit of a letdown – not much discernible scent other than a vaguely fresh, vegetable-y scent. The L’Occitane Almond Shower Oil is nice, the almond scent is very non-gourmand and even slightly bitter but still very lovely and comforting. The shower oil also isn’t greasy and it isn’t too heavy for hot humid Singapore weather. The Korres Fig Shower Gel smells absolutely divine – but then I knew I’d love it as I love fig scents, my favourite perfume being Diptyque’s Philosykos. The Sephora Effervescent Cube in Monoi Tiare is lovely – I dropped this into a hot bath after a long day walking around in Shanghai and it was absolutely gorgeous. This small cube was certainly sufficient for a medium sized bath tub.

On a related note, I went to The Body Shop as their Christmas scents had come out and to my horror they didn’t bring back Spiced Vanilla this year! :(:(:(:( In its place is something called Vanilla Bliss, which is just a plain vanilla – totally lacking and not at all like the lovely Spiced Vanilla. I only have one and a half full bottles and half a tiny bottle left of Spiced Vanilla. Guess I will have to begin rationing 😦