True to self, I have broken all my new years’ resolutions, including my resolution to blog at least once a week (I think I’d broken them all by February, but that’s besides the point). It isn’t that I think anyone will miss reading this (or that anyone reads this, period) but that was part of my resolution to pursue my hobbies. Despite how ironic it sounds to have a resolution to pursue your hobbies, sometimes hobbies do take some effort. For me, it’s always starting that is the difficult part. Tearing myself away from endless hours watching Youtube, surfing fashion and beauty blogs… that takes work. But once I sit down to properly do something I enjoy – for me that’s writing, doing crafts, baking – I’m perfectly happy. 

So, I am going to renew my efforts to blog once a week, especially now that work seems to have quietened down a bit (I know the moment I say something like this, I’m gonna be hit with something big). It will likely have to do with my current obsession, perfume, because I placed a huge order with Surrender to Chance last month and my order arrived a week ago, bearing something like 27 tiny vials for my sampling delight. I’ve been dabbing a bit on my wrist every night, one sample a night… Unfortunately, nothing has made an impression so far and some have been downright disappointing given all the hype surrounding them. Perhaps it’s that Singapore’s been having a spell of extra warm, humid weather recently and most of the perfumes I’ve ordered are heavier scents for cooler weather? I don’t know. In any case, I will try to blog about each scent that I sample. Tonight it’s Demeter’s Thunderstorm, and to me it smells like wet, freshly-cut grass. I quite enjoy it, but I really wish I could find a fragrance that truly smells like rain. I want the feeling of sheer delight that I get when I slide open the window and I’m hit by a soft breeze carrying with it the scent of rain or an impending storm. Maybe tropical rain doesn’t smell the same as elsewhere?


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